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Why you chose us ???

  1. our tailors are Shanghai-trained (good workmanship)
  2. finest interfacings, linings and trimmings to assure superior construction and durability
  3. wide selection of fine fabric samples (good material)
  4. reasonable price
  5. guarantee of your satisfaction
  6. excellent & efficient services
  7. reputable tailor

Our clients have included celebrities such as Charles Daniels, Vince Earl and many leading corporate executives.

We, provide quality goods and services, are the one recommended by "The Travel Dectective Flight Crew Confidential" ( a leading travellers' shopping guide written by Peter Greenberg).

Peter is appointed as Kentucky Colonels



In today's competitive & idealistic world, looking sharp is important but it doesn't have to be expensive.
Compare with the off-rack suit, custom tailored suit can express more about you.


Why not try us ?????

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